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Alvita Teas Raspberry Tea - Organic - 24 Tea Bags

Alvita Teas Raspberry Tea - Organic - 24 Tea Bags


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Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a plant native to North America. The women of the Potawatomi tribe from the Great Lakes region brewed tea from the leaves, which were highly valued because of their unique astringent properties. The tea remains popular among midwives and herbalists today. Alvita Raspberry Tea is made with premium-quality, organic raspberry leaves, and produces an amber colored tea with a mild herbal aroma and a flavor reminiscent of traditional green tea.

Gluten Free   Dairy Free   Yeast Free   Wheat Free   Vegan   Kosher   
Organic: 95%+ Organic
Ingredients: Organic Raspberry (leaves) 1.67 g

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Manufactured by: Alvita
Country of Orgin: USA



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