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Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar Candle - Positive Energy Blue - 1 Candle
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Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar Candle - Positive Energy Blue - 1 Candle

Brand: Aloha Bay

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Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar Candle Positive Energy Blue Description: Essential Oils: Moroccan Rose, and Chamomile The throat chakra is the center of communication. You will be drawn to meet new and wonderful people and embrace experiences that will encourage your spiritual growth. Energy Pillars with 100% Pure Essential Oils Burn Time: 15 hours Palm Wax 8" Tall At Aloha Bay, we believe in the wealth of fragrance found in nature - pure flower and plant essences with the power to revive or soothe, heal or protect. These Energy Pillars are infused with essential oils selected for their aromatherapy benefits relative to balancing each chakra. Eco Palm Wax from United Plantations and Golden Hope Plantations is no threat to rainforests or orangutans' ecosystems. We prefer palm based candles to genetically modified, chemically distilled, commercially grown soy wax. Palm oil uses one-tenth of the land as compared to soy production and is a sustainable tree crop that enhances biodiversity and carbon sequestering. In 1993, Aloha Bay began manufacturing and wholesaling hand dipped paraffin tapers, painted with palm wax. These beautiful tapers are still popular in the gift industry. And in 1997, we developed the first 100% Palm Wax votives and richly scented jar candles. Over the years, we have expanded our use of pure essential oils and have become a wholesale supplier to the natural food industry. Aloha Bay has continued to experiment with every type of vegetable wax (soy, coconut, rice bran, carnauba, candelilla, bayberry, jojoba and even castor oil). We have found that palm wax makes the best candles. Most vegetable waxes (e.g. soy wax) are too soft and oily to be used by themselves, so they are often mixed together with large percentages of palm wax. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pack of: 1
Size: 8 IN
Selling Unit: Each
Product Weight: 0.43
SKU: 0743476     UPC: 760860251034
Manufactured by: Aloha Bay
Country of Orgin: Indonesia

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