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Energy Saving

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Outdoor Solar LED Lights

Solar LED Street Light Solar LED Street Light

Let the Sun power your outdoor lights. Solar LED lights are a great choice for outdoor lighting in residential driveways and yards, neighborhoods, parking lots, streets, parks, offices, schools, factories, and farms.

Veroeco offers a variety of Solar LED lights for commercial as well as residential use. The Solar lights we sell use the latest technology with advanced solar controllers, high efficiency photovoltaic solar panels, long life Li-io batteries and high lumens per watt ultra bright LEDs.

Advantages of Solar LED Lights

  • Harvest free solar energy using solar PV panels
  • No digging/trenching is required for power cables
  • No electrical wiring. No need to hire a electrician.
  • Lower maintenance than conventional street lights. No bulbs to change.
  • All-in-one solar lights are easy to install just with a few screws
  • Add lighting to difficult areas, almost anywhere the sun shines
  • Safety, security and aesthetics without the hassle
  • Go green and save money while reducing your carbon footprint

How it works

  • PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels harvest the sun's energy
  • This energy is stored in the Li-io battery inside the light housing
  • An internal controller distributes and manages the power supply from the battery to the LEDs
  • Solar lights come with several programmable lighting modes such as dawn-to-dusk, timer control, dim-to-full bright, PIR motion sensor. Available features vary by the model.
  • Some models come with a remote control for ease of changing the settings

Typical features

  • Adaptive lighting system to achieve full night lighting during changing weather
  • Variable Frequency Technology controls adjusts the LED driver frequency to reach the max output of LED and Battery
  • 8 - 10 hours of full battery charging in standard sunlight can provide 2 - 3 nights of lighting
  • Lighting modes - constant brightness, dim lighting with motion sensor mode, timer lighting mode
  • Built in light sensor for automatic on/off
  • Super bright LEDs. > 4000K Natural white, clear and cool lighting
  • Solar lights come with pole or wall mounting hardware, but not the pole
  • Housing - Plastic/Aluminum Alloy. IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Industrial grade solar street lighting


  • Use pole with diameter 1" - 3"
  • Typical mounting height 10 ft - 15 ft. Mount lower for bright light but less coverage area. Mount higher for more coverage area but less brightness.
  • Install in open space and direct sunlight
  • We recommend using several lower wattage lights instead of one higher wattage light

Available size range

Solar LED street lights come in different wattages and lumen output. Available range is 12W to 100W. All-in-one integrated lights or three piece lights for higher wattages.

Contact us with any questions or to get a quote for your exterior lighting projects. We can help you with deciding what type to buy, how many lights will be needed, how bright they need to be, etc. depending on your project.



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