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About Us

Veroeco is the culmination of a long-held dream of a family man, a green warrior and an entrepreneur, who is passionate about green-living and sustainable lifestyle. We are a family-owned enterprise and we practice green-living ourselves. Here are some of the eco-friendly practices we have incorporated into our lifestyle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We are well aware that 'the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place' and we are very conscious about it. Most everything is reused or re-purposed or recycled. Electronics are e-cycled. Kitchen waste is composted. So what goes into our garbage (and to the landfill) is very minimal.
Reduce pollution & storm water run-off: We have adopted several conservation landscaping practices, organic lawn care and rain water harvesting (you can learn more about these practices in our upcoming blog posts)
Water conservation: We use low-flow water conserving fixtures and appliances. Harvested rain water is sufficient to water our garden all year-round
Energy conservation: Our home uses energy efficient appliances and lighting, proper home insulation and weatherization
Homegrown clean energy: We generate our own clean electricity with Solar PV panels
Reduce exposure to toxins: There are many simple ways to do this. Use of natural, organic and chemical-free eco-friendly products is one of them and we use as much of it as we can.

We have many more on our green-to-do list. Our goal is to do the best we can, to help save our Planet for our children, by promoting green-living and by making earth-safe products easily available at a reasonable cost for everyone.

Veroeco is committed to providing you with affordable, natural and green-living products, to promote a healthier life and a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. We sell the largest variety of leading sustainable products to conscious consumers who share our mission to live an ecologically balanced and healthy lifestyle. Most of the products we offer are not available at local stores, and our site saves you time and the hassle of hunting down each of these eco-friendly products online. We source our products from reliable and stable natural products manufacturers. Be sure to check our website often, as we continue to add more green products. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and promotions.

Veroeco, a registered Virginia company, is based in the historic Richmond, Virginia. We ship to the 48 contiguous United States and District of Columbia. While you can order from anywhere in the world, currently our delivery is only within the United States. Please see our shipping page for more details.

We strive to make shopping at our site easy and a pleasant experience. We have designed the site such that, navigation, finding information and products, and the checkout process are all smooth and straight forward. But there is always room for improvement and we love to hear from our customers. Please do let us know about your experience and any other suggestions you might have.

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